The Next-generation cryptocurrency platform – Boxex

The Next-generation cryptocurrency platform – Boxex Business

/Press Release/ Cryptocurrency platform Boxex (, is a seasoned player in the cryptocurrency platform industry with a long history of development and licensing. The Boxex Exchange drew inspiration for a new energy coin from the ecology of the cryptocurrency market. It has been building a contract trading platform to serve business end users since 2019. It has pushed the boundaries of security, functionality, and profitability. Boxex is dedicated to maximizing returns for investors in all aspects while also enabling newcomers in the workplace to diversify their sources of income. It has been in operation for four to five years and provides the user with a variety of unique benefits from various aspects.

As one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Boxex primarily offers mainstream futures trading in stable coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and other altcoins. We offer a secure and reputable blockchain cryptocurrency trading platform built on a solid and scalable technical foundation, premium service, and proficient financial knowledge for digital currency enthusiasts. Boxex coin is committed to solving the energy crisis associated with oil and other forms of energy. It can effectively solve the problem of energy fluctuation in the market due to different prices and various risk factors, thereby mitigating the risk of inflation. The Boxex’s team is negotiating on a partnership program for data collection with major oil and renewable energy brands (like ExxonMobil, etc.) that would allow users to earn energy as a reward for fueling their cars or charging their electric cars. Experts predicted that Boxex would be unanimously recognized in terms of functionality and acceptability. The coin’s price is anticipated to skyrocket, with a conservative forecast predicting that the coin will rise from the initial released value of 0.0005 USDT to 2 USDT.

Members of the Boxex team were recruited from well-known companies both domestically and internationally. The team has been at the forefront of the blockchain sector, heavily involved in the creation and management of blockchain-based apps. A great deal of accomplishment has been made in the field of blockchain technology. More than 75% of the Boxex’s technical R&D recruits have more than three years of experience in blockchain research and development, top investment banks, securities and other financial industries, ensuring that the platform has a technological advantage.

Boxex is a futures trading platform that that can truly realize perpetual contracts. In addition, it supports bilateral trading, buys and sells, and has no settlement period. These functions can maximize the psychological satisfaction of users and provide them with the most convenience. As a result, Boxex provides users with the greatest benefits through advanced technology and high-quality management.

Boxex features sliding leverage trading from 1 to 100 times, which users can modify at any time after opening a position. This function allows for greater flexibility and variety in trading operations. It can be used to its fullest potential to meet the actual needs of various users. On the contrary, many cryptocurrency trading platforms find it challenging to achieve this level of inclusivity. To guarantee the security of users’ digital assets, the platform offers triple-tier encrypted wallets, no slippage, and no spreads. The public and private keys are clearly distinguished from one another, with the private key being jointly managed by many people. The goal of transferring the right from the individual to the enterprise is accomplished by the multi-level approval of the transfer of the right to operate the digital currency. Fundamentally, it guards against internal and external hackers, single-person mishandling, and other flaws common in today’s personal wallet. Multiple security keys are stored in the signature machine memory, and any breach will cause the cache to be cleaned and the signature machine to shut down immediately. Approval flow templates are stored on the internal private blockchain to ensure that approval flow instructions are not tampered with. Through gRPC + SSL/TLS mutual certificate authentication, HTTPS protocol, and TCP/IP protocol, it ensures absolute security in the communication process between the signature machine, the private blockchain, and the APP.

When the security of funds is assured, so is the security of users. Boxex has committed significant manpower and resources to addressing this pressing issue in its later stages of development. It alleviates users’ concerns and allows them to trade with confidence. Besides that, great progress in securing funds has been made, giving users greater confidence in the platform. Moreover, Boxex offers a low entry threshold, a friendly operation, 365-day non-stop trading, and professional technical maintenance available 24/7. All in all, to meet user needs and allow them to address pertinent issues at all times.

As a stable cryptocurrency platform, Boxex has obtained the necessary licenses from MSB Fintrac in Canada and FinCEN in the United States.

Over 3 million people use Boxex worldwide. To commemorate the launch of the Boxex platform coin, new users will receive a 20 USDT rebate if they complete KYC identification verification and deposit 500 USDT or the equivalent value in coins from October through December. For each new user referred by an existing user with the invitation code during the period, both the referrer and the new user will receive a 20 USDT rebate upon the new user’s completion of KYC identity verification and a deposit of 500 USDT or equivalent in cryptocurrency coins!

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