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Net24 News is an online news network dedicated to humanity, environment, social issues, and technology.  Our ultimate goal is to make the world a better place. Net24 News was founded in 2014 as an answer for journalists who need creative outlets in a tense media landscape.

We publish solutions to make this world a better place by publishing meaningful stories with actionable insights. We select stories that inspire sustainability and contribute to a healthier planet through research and interviews that foster discussion of ideas.

Digital Content Marketing is our approach to increase awareness about the articles we publish. We tell people’s true life stories around these topics because the truth needs to be heard!

Although the media landscape has shifted massively in recent years (from print media to online articles), we still feel it’s important for journalists and reporters from around the world to be able to dig deep down into what really matters. Journalists are not just reporters: journalists fight for human rights, freedom of expression and literacy issues.

Net24 News accepts Guest Posts and PR postings.
If your service or product goes well with our content guideline and editorial standards, we will be happy to post your content on the site. Contact us for banner ads, guest post or any suggestion.

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