Apple announces next Impact Accelerator class for businesses advancing environmental innovation

Apple announces next Impact Accelerator class for businesses advancing environmental innovation Business

Apple today announced its third Impact Accelerator class: a cohort of 12 Black-, Hispanic/Latinx-, and Indigenous-owned environmental solution and service providers on the cutting edge of green technology and clean energy. Established to help mature, diverse businesses scale their impact and reach the next stage of development, the Apple Impact Accelerator program is part of Apple’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, a global effort to expand equity and opportunity for Black and Brown communities.

“With the third cohort of our Impact Accelerator, we’re honored to support businesses whose innovations are paving the way to a greener, more equitable future,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives. “From renewable energy to recycling and more, these diverse leaders are serving their communities, expanding opportunity, and pioneering new solutions in the fight against climate change. We’re proud to support their journeys — and we can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next.”
The new cohort will participate in a 12-week program and receive targeted trainings, executive coaching, skills-development opportunities, one-to-one mentorship, and access to Apple subject-matter experts across the business. After completion, alumni receive ongoing professional support, including access to Apple experts and invitations to networking events through Apple’s Supplier Success community. Companies will also be considered for business opportunities with Apple as it works to achieve carbon neutrality across its entire manufacturing supply chain by 2030.

Meet the Companies

These 12 businesses from across the country offer solutions that reflect Apple’s three environmental priority areas: climate change, resources, and smarter chemistry.
Alard Engineering — Gardena, CA
Alard Engineering invests in sustainable manufacturing practices, including metal chip recycling, coolant optimization, and chemical treatment, that minimize its environmental impact. Alard offers a full range of advanced manufacturing services, from one-of-a-kind articles to full-rate production. Coupled with its in-house design, engineering, and program management skill sets, Alard maintains capabilities and competencies to support system development from concept to completion and prototype to production.
Ares Materials — Plano, TX
Ares Materials is a product chemistry company that offers an AI-enabled, thiol-based chemistry platform to enable the design of bespoke, eco-friendly polymers tailored for the unique needs of next-generation displays.
COI Energy — Brooklyn, NY
COI Energy’s technology optimizes energy performance and minimizes energy demand, allowing companies to meet their emissions goals, comply with rising energy-efficiency standards, and make and save money. COI Energy utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to eliminate energy waste in buildings and repurpose the waste for good.
Compactor Management Company — Union City, CA
Compactor Management Company provides comprehensive solutions for waste and recycling management, covering all aspects related to the collection and disposal of waste and recycling materials. The company educates and empowers businesses, enabling them to embrace sustainability and actively contribute to building a cleaner, greener, and more environmentally sustainable future.
Elite Energy Distribution — Brookfield, WI
Elite Energy Distribution is a First Nation electronic scrap and battery recycling company with services including rigging, removal, logistics, de-installation, transportation, and more. The company recycles 100 percent of electronic and battery waste with zero-percent landfill, all while maintaining certification standards.
Green Earth Sustainable Solution, Inc. — San Jose, CA
Green Earth Sustainable Solution is a recycling company specializing in waste-minimization programs that reduce environmental impact. The company also offers services to assist its clients in developing and implementing customized sustainable business practices focusing on waste management, landfill diversion, and zero waste certification.
GridChain — Atlanta
GridChain seeks to eliminate waste in energy and water resources and reduce carbon emissions by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. GridChain’s SaaS solutions platform identifies and alerts owners, operators, and maintenance personnel to anomalies jeopardizing operations, readiness, and expected returns on investments.
RIFE International — Bethesda, MD
RIFE International is driven by a fundamental purpose: to propel energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions, electro-mobility infrastructure, and climate technology. The company’s comprehensive strategy not only tackles environmental challenges head-on but also cultivates profitability through sustainable clean energy answers. RIFE is dedicated to both impacting advanced economies and facilitating attainable adoption within developing nations, all while catalyzing worldwide advancement in harmony with environmental responsibilities.
eSmart Recycling — Tampa, FL
eSmart Recycling combines environmental sustainability and social-impact metrics, which results in a holistic approach to offsetting carbon emissions through recycling technology — at both a corporate and residential level — and the empowerment of local communities by enabling access to technology and education.
SEEL, LLC — Detroit
Among other services, SEEL, LLC provides energy-efficiency education and energy-saving consultations, appliance recycling, and direct installation of energy-saving products. From energy audits and weatherization, recycling and incentive programs, and call center services to solar management and electric vehicle maintenance and support, SEEL designs and implements community-informed turnkey energy solutions to help utilities and partners reach their clean energy goals.
Superior Innovative Solutions, LLC — Detroit
Superior Innovative Solutions, LLC delivers sustainable environmental solutions for its customers, with a focus on recycling oils and coolants and incorporating environmentally friendly cleaning materials into its processes. A full-service industrial cleaning, waste management, and janitorial company, SIS develops and implements specialized service plans and provides industrial management and waste solutions. SIS also assists customers with their ESG goals and initiatives.
TSP Solutions, LLC — Florence, KY
TSP Solutions, LLC is a full-service provider of inks and coatings. Its offerings include commercialized inks and coatings that integrate plant-based, biodegradable, and biorenewable raw materials, reducing the environmental impacts of traditional printing processes. TSP manufactures and distributes commodity, specialty, and security inks and coatings for a variety of applications for the commercial printing and packaging industry.
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Meet Apple’s third Impact Accelerator class. Top row (from left to right): COI Energy’s SaLisa Berrien; Elite Energy Distribution’s David Strange; SEEL’s E’Lois Thomas; and GridChain’s Christopher Johnson. Middle row: eSmart Recycling’s Tony Selvaggio; TSP Solutions’s Charles McGregor; Compactor Management Company’s Sandra Garcia; and Green Earth Sustainable Solution’s Aaron Phillips. Bottom row: RIFE International’s Kwabena Osei-Sarpong; Superior Innovative Solutions’s Wendy Turner Miller; Alard Engineering’s Osei Appiagyei; and Ares Materials’s David Arreaga.

Source: Apple Newsroom


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