4 in 1 Disposable Vape-Innovation representative Lost Mary 3200

4 in 1 Disposable Vape-Innovation representative Lost Mary 3200 Business

The electronic cigarette market welcomes a revolutionary product: the 4 in 1 disposable vape. This product integrates multiple functions and brings users a new experience, meeting modern consumers’ demands for convenience, style, and diversity.

Product Features:

Four-in-One Design: The 4-in-1 disposable vape embodies a unique design concept that integrates four flavors or functions into a single device. Users can switch between them according to their preferences without changing devices, greatly enhancing convenience.

High Efficiency: Equipped with a high-capacity battery, it ensures that every puff delivers rich vapor and authentic flavor. It is durable and meets the needs of long-term use.

Convenient Use: The disposable design eliminates the complex maintenance process of traditional electronic cigarettes. Users can simply unpack and use it, discarding it after use. It saves time, and effort, and is environmentally friendly.

Stylish Appearance: The product features a sleek, fashionable design that aligns with modern aesthetics. It is suitable for various occasions, whether at work, parties, or leisure time, easy to carry, and showcases individual taste.
Market Prospects:

As the electronic cigarette market rapidly evolves, consumer demands are increasing. The 4-in-1 disposable vape, with its multifunctionality and high convenience, is poised to establish a foothold in the market quickly. This product is undoubtedly their top choice, especially for young consumers who pursue a convenient lifestyle.

Recently, the e-cig industry has launched a disruptive product, lost mary 3200 disposable vape, a high-quality 3200 puffs vape kit, that contains 4 different flavours, and each has 2 ml vape juice. That sounds amazing.

Lost mary 4 in 1 device is equipped with a 950mAh integrated battery and can be easily charged by the USB-C cable. Its compact and durable design is not only beautiful but also performs well. Paired with an OLED display to monitor the battery and choose different modes. Eco mode can extend the battery life and enjoy a maximum of 3200 puffs vape is not a problem, while the normal mode provides intense MTL vaping.

This disposable vape can accommodate 4 pod cartridges and each has a TPD-compliant 2ml vape juice, each pod can enjoy up to 800 puffs vape at most. Once a pod runs out, another could replaced, just needs a slight turn. Inhaling by the mouthpiece to activate, and the flavor will be clearly shown at the side window to let users identify.

Each lost mary 4 in 1 vape adopts mesh coils, and provides 20mg nicotine content, delivering pure and intense tastes. Vapers can choose the single flavour disposable vape kit or 4 different flavours kit, and the details are as follows:

Berry Edition – Blueberry Sour Raspberry Strawberry Ice Berry Apple Peach Blueberry

Fruits Edition – Strawberry Ice Watermelon Ice Cherry Ice Pineapple Ice

Lemon Edition – Lemon Lime Pink Lemonade Lemon Ice and Pineapple Lemon

Apple Edition – Berry Apple Peach Double Apple Apple Pear Red Apple Ice

Yellow Edition – Pineapple Ice Triple Mango Lemon Ice Pineapple Mango

Special Edition – Blueberry Sour Raspberry Lemon Lime Pineapple Ice Strawberry Ice

Red Edition – Cherry Ice Strawberry Ice Watermelon Ice Red Apple Ice

So the lost mary 3200 disposable is as simple as you thought, just fix the four cartridges in place and vapers could quickly start an unparalleled vaping experience.


The launch of the 4-in-1 disposable vapes not only marks another innovative breakthrough in electronic cigarette products but also provides consumers with more diverse choices. In the future, we will continue to focus on product development and technological innovation, bringing more surprises and convenience to our users.


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