Winners of the Inaugural HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards 2024 Announced in Singapore

Winners of the Inaugural HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards 2024 Announced in Singapore Life

Singapore, 5 June 2024 – The halal dining scene reached a new milestone with the announcement of the first-ever HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards. This year’s awards gala dinner, held in the presence of Minister of State Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, showcased Singapore’s finest halal dining establishments, highlighting their contributions to culinary excellence and innovation.

The HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards by HalalTrip, in collaboration with the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation, aim to recognize and promote exceptional halal dining establishments, encourage culinary innovation, and set benchmarks for quality in the industry. With a commitment to showcasing the diversity and richness of halal cuisine, the awards bring attention to establishments that excel in providing memorable dining experiences for diners.

The awards are categorized into Diamond Awards, Best-In-Class Awards, and Chef Awards.

Diamond Awards

The Diamond Awards represent the pinnacle of the HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards, honoring halal dining establishments that have truly mastered the art of culinary excellence. These awards recognize establishments that have set new benchmarks in halal dining, excelling in creative presentation, balance of flavors, quality of food, and innovation in their menus. 

Best-In-Class Awards

The Best-In-Class Awards distinguish eateries that excel in five specific categories. Categories include Best Ethnic Restaurant, Best Hotel Dining Option, Best Concept Eatery, Best Specialty Café, and Best Newcomer, reflecting the wide range of excellence within the halal culinary landscape.

Chef Awards

The Chef Awards celebrate the talents of chefs from diverse backgrounds who have demonstrated exceptional culinary creativity. Their contributions have brought new and exciting dimensions to the halal dining scene, inspiring both peers and diners with their creativity and expertise.

HalalTrip Gastronomy Legacy Award

In addition to these categories, Mr. Kaliloor Rahaman was given special recognition in the form of the HalalTrip Gastronomy Legacy Award. This accolade honors his long years of dedicated service and outstanding contributions to the halal dining scene in Singapore. Mr. Khalil’s unwavering commitment and passion have played a pivotal role in shaping the halal culinary landscape, and this award serves as a testament to his enduring legacy.

Raudha Zaini, Strategic Partner and Projects Lead at HalalTrip, expressed her enthusiasm about the awards: “The HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards are more than just an accolade; they are a celebration of the incredible talent and innovation within the halal culinary community. We are proud to honor those who have set new standards of excellence and to inspire others to continue elevating halal dining experiences. This is just the start of our journey, and we aim to take this global. Our vision is for the HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards to become a global symbol of excellence in halal dining, inspiring and setting new standards worldwide.”

The winners were selected based on a rigorous and anonymous evaluation process, considering factors such as quality of food, service, ambiance, and overall dining experience. These awards serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of each establishment in delivering top-notch halal culinary experiences.

Chef Muhammad Kamal, President of the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation, shared his excitement: “The HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards mark a significant milestone in our culinary journey. These awards not only celebrate excellence and innovation in Halal dining but also highlight the immense talent and creativity within our community. Our vision is to continue fostering a vibrant Halal culinary scene in Singapore and beyond, encouraging chefs and establishments to push the boundaries of Halal cuisine. This event is a testament to our commitment to promoting and elevating Halal gastronomy on a global stage.”

HalalTrip, in collaboration with the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation, congratulates all the winners and looks forward to their continued success and contributions to the vibrant halal dining landscape in Singapore. This inaugural event marks the beginning of an exciting journey in celebrating and promoting halal culinary excellence globally.

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Winners of the HalalTrip Gastronomy Awards 2024

Diamond Award winners:


ASAP & Co., a modern steakhouse, celebrates the art of smoking through its menu and atmosphere. The name itself, translating to “smoke” in Malay, reflects this focus. Sourcing premium cuts from a network of global farms, ASAP & Co. elevates the steakhouse experience by using smoke as an ingredient, a technique dating back to the dawn of cooking.

Bara Food

Bara Food offers “Nasi Bakar Bara,” a signature set menu featuring smoky grilled rice, classic Indonesian accompaniments, and a refreshing salad. A la carte options cater to diverse preferences with fresh ingredients and hearty dishes like Soto soup. Family-style sharing and customizable plates are encouraged. Authentic Indonesian desserts and drinks complete the dining experience.

Cajun on Wheels

Cajun on Wheels offers a unique blend of classic Louisiana-style seafood boils and authentic Asian charcoal-grilled favorites. This family-friendly restaurant serves a variety of fresh seafood options, including crab, squid, seabass, grouper, prawns, and crayfish, all prepared in large, shareable portions perfect for gatherings.


Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts is an award-winning buffet restaurant boasting an extensive international spread. Diners can indulge in the freshest seafood, perfectly marinated meats, and an array of delectable cuisines, including Mediterranean, Japanese, Indian, and more. 

Julie Bakes

Julia Bakes specializes in traditional treats. Their offerings range from melt-in-your-mouth cookies to beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes, ensuring a delightful selection for every palate.

Mr Biryani

Mr Biryani is an Indian restaurant established in late 2017 by Chef Govinda Rajan in Singapore’s Little India. They specialize in Hyderabadi biryani alongside other Indian classics, all prepared with imported spices for an authentic and flavorful dining experience.


Overrice offers a taste of the Mediterranean in Singapore. Their signature bowls feature slow-cooked meats, plant-based options, and fresh toppings on basmati rice, alongside pita bread and salad. Unique offerings include pita pockets, creative mocktails, and delectable desserts from rising local chefs..

Restaurant Espoir

Restaurant Espoir offers a unique fusion of European classics and Malayan intrigue. Led by Michelin-experienced chefs, the menu features modern European dishes elevated with vibrant Malayan spices and ingredients.


rrooll, Singapore’s first dedicated cinnamon roll concept, boasts irresistible treats crafted with high-quality ingredients. Their secret dough recipe guarantees a light and fluffy texture, perfectly complemented by a decadent cream cheese topping. 

The Fluffy Chef

The Fluffy Chef, a casual Italian eatery in the heart of Arab Street, brings a taste of Italy with a Muslim-friendly twist. Founded by two passionate friends, the restaurant offers an array of sourdough pizzas, stuffed ravioli, flavorful pasta, and delectable house-made desserts.

The Malayan Council

The Malayan Council presents a unique fusion of East and West. Drawing on classic Malay dishes like Lemak Chili Padi and Asam Pedas, the restaurant infuses them with Western influences. This creative blend results in innovative offerings such as Beef Ribs and Soup Tulang alongside familiar Malay favorites.

The Social Outcast

Led by Chef Mint’s dedication to open-fire cooking, The Social Outcast (TSO) elevates the Halal food scene with woodfire smoked and charcoal-grilled specialties. Located in Bedok Marketplace, Simpang Bedok, TSO utilizes a Mibrasa charcoal oven and handcrafted smoker to create juicy burgers and meticulously spiced meats infused with slow-smoldering lychee wood.

The White Label

The White Label provides a tranquil escape within the urban energy, specializing in Halal reinterpretations of classic French cuisine. This unique fusion integrates familiar Malaysian flavors with the artistry of French culinary techniques, offering a menu that sparks both nostalgia and a fresh appreciation for cherished local ingredients.

Tipo Pasta Bar

Tipo Pasta Bar moves beyond the realm of collegiate quick fixes, offering a celebration of artisanal ingredients. Their menu features handcrafted pasta, pizza, and gnocchi, each reimagined to showcase the quality of their carefully sourced produce. 

Wong Fu Fu

Singapore’s first Halal-certified Taiwanese restaurant, Wong Fu Fu, tantalizes taste buds with a menu of sizzling hot plates, flavourful beef noodle soups, and giant Gua Bao (oversized Chinese hamburgers). Diners can elevate their experience during dinner and public holidays with complimentary access to a mini buffet bar featuring an array of Taiwanese delights.

Yakiniku OK

Yakiniku OK! offers a fast-paced dining experience centered around a diverse selection of succulent beef and chicken cuts. Diners can choose from an array of flavorful sauces to complement their grilled meats. Beyond barbecue, 

Best-in-class restaurants:

Best Newcomer: The Fluffy Chef

Best Concept Restaurant/Café: The Fluffy Chef

Best Hotel Restaurant/Café: Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts

Best Specialty Bakery: Julie Bakes

Best Ethnic Restaurant: Mr Biryani

Chef awards:

Best Forward Chef: Kelvin Soon

Kelvin Soon is a multi-award-winning chef. His innovative culinary approach blends diverse flavors with a commitment to Halal excellence. With years of experience leading high-performing kitchen teams, Chef Soon consistently delivers exceptional dining experiences while maintaining rigorous quality and cost controls.

Most Promising Chef: Muhammad Fariz

Chef Muhammad Fariz is a rising star in the world of Halal cuisine. His culinary creations not only captivated the judges but also exemplified the spirit of Halal gastronomy, seamlessly blending innovation with tradition. With a bright future ahead, Chef Fariz is poised to continue delighting diners with his extraordinary culinary vision.

HalalTrip Gastronomy Legacy Award:

Mr. Kaliloor Rahaman

Mr. Kaliloor Rahaman is the distinguished recipient of the HalalTrip Gastronomy Legacy Award, a testament to his remarkable contributions to the Halal dining scene in Singapore. Through years of dedicated service and unwavering passion, Mr. Rahaman has played a pivotal role in elevating Halal cuisine, fostering innovation, and establishing new standards of excellence. This award recognizes his enduring legacy and the profound impact he has made on the culinary landscape especially in Singapore.


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