Callhounds Global’s Commitment to Local Excellence

Callhounds Global’s Commitment to Local Excellence Life

As we celebrate the 126th Independence Day of the Philippines, it’s with
great pride that we share a significant aspect of Callhounds Global – we are a
100% Filipino-owned company. Our roots run deep in the soil of our beloved
country, and our identity is woven into the fabric of the Filipino spirit.

Our ownership is not just a fact; it’s a testament to our commitment to
fostering local talent, supporting the Filipino economy, and representing the
Philippines on the global stage. We embody the resilience, creativity, and
warmth that Filipinos are known for, and we bring these qualities to every
interaction with our clients and partners.

As a Filipino-owned company, we understand the unique needs and
aspirations of our fellow countrymen. We strive to create opportunities that
uplift our community and contribute to the nation’s progress. Our independence
as a company mirrors the independence of our country – both hard-won and deeply

This Independence Day, let’s celebrate the freedom to dream, to achieve,
and to excel. Callhounds Global stands as a beacon of Filipino entrepreneurship
and innovation, and we invite you to join us in this journey of growth and

Our Services:

We offer a wide array of Business Process Outsourcing & Staffing
Solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients:

Inbound Voice Solutions: Customer
support, phone answering, technical support, virtual receptionist, and
24/7 call overflow solutions.

Outbound Voice Solutions: Telemarketing,
appointment setting, cold calling, lead generation, and telesales.

Non-Voice Solutions: Chat
support, content moderation, virtual assistant, employer of record, and
virtual office services.

Staffing Solutions: Building
fully managed teams in the Philippines, offering dedicated support and
ensuring seamless integration.

Why Choose Callhounds Global?

Cost-Effective: Save
up to 75% compared to hiring locally, enhancing profitability.

Quality Improvement: Leverage
the expertise of Filipino professionals to optimize productivity.

Scalability: Access
a talent-rich pool of over 120 million Filipinos.

Dedicated Support: Comprehensive
support for outsourced teams, from onboarding to performance management.

Client Success Stories:

Our clients from over 15 countries have experienced significant growth
and success, thanks to our reliable partnership, specific staffing solutions,
and exceptional 24/7 management team.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Happy 126th Independence Day! 


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