University of the Visayas Selects Anthology’s Learning Management System, Blackboard, to Support their Digital Transformation Journey

University of the Visayas Selects Anthology’s Learning Management System, Blackboard, to Support their Digital Transformation Journey Life

BOCA RATON, Fla., June 24, 2024 – Anthology, the leading provider of education solutions that
support the entire learner lifecycle, today announced the University of the Visayas, a province-wide
system of higher education in the Philippines, has selected Blackboard Learn Ultra as its new learning
management system (LMS). Known for innovative student programs, the University
of the Visayas aims to instill a culture of excellence in students through
academic training and lifelong learning, enhancing their leadership potential
and career success. To support this mission, the University of Visayas needed an intuitive learning management system and a partner
that could help them with their digital transformation journey.  

The University of the Visayas conducted a thorough competitive
review, including a pilot subscription from another vendor as a potential replacement for their current system. However, they concluded the piloted product was not as
user-friendly as anticipated and lacked the local support they needed.

They expanded their competitive review to include Blackboard by
Anthology. Thirty department heads from the University of Visayas attended a
Blackboard Learn workshop, where they got first-hand experience using its
industry-leading features like the AI Design Assistant.

“The feedback from the attending department heads was resounding,” said
University President Dr. Conrado E. Iñigo, Jr.

“They touted Blackboard’s ease of use, intuitiveness and logical,
flexible workflow; they felt very comfortable with the AI functionality in Blackboard,”
Dr. Iñigo added.

The University selected Blackboard as their new LMS and it will
replace their current platform.

The academic
institution will also implement Anthology’s digital content accessibility solution
(Ally) with Blackboard Learn, supporting their commitment to accessibility and
creating an inclusive environment for
everyone. Ally provides digital course content in multiple formats and
languages, a feature that is imperative to delivering an inclusive student

“We are thrilled to partner with the University of the Visayas,
a renowned institution dedicated to excellence and career success,” said Joe
Belenardo, Chief Revenue Officer at Anthology. “Our regional presence will
enable us to closely collaborate and support their mission of supporting
community development and the socioeconomic needs of the country through their
educational programs.”

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About University of the Visayas

Founded in 1919, the University of the Visayas (UV) is
a private institution located in Cebu City, Philippines. It is the first
school in the province of Cebu to attain university status. Anchored in culture
of excellence through academic with a focus in life-long process learning, the
University of the Visayas operates and maintains educational programs which are
nationalistic and democratic, and attuned to nationally and internationally
accepted standards. While it nurtures academic excellence, it also works for
the enhancement of high-level professions and middle level careers relevant to
community development and the socioeconomic needs of the country. Today,
the University of the Visayas offers Bachelor’s degree programs, most
of which start with ladderized Associate degree courses, a post graduate Bachelor of Laws,
seven Masters Degree programs, and four doctoral programs in various fields.


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