Getting ready for EMA’s website relaunch on 5 December 2023

Getting ready for EMA’s website relaunch on 5 December 2023 Tech & Science

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is relaunching its corporate website on Tuesday 5 December.  

From day one, EMA is giving its website a fresh look and feel. The website will also feature a new, simple medicines search, clearer navigation and a revamped What’s new page.

No updates between 14 and 17 November

To ensure the success of the relaunch, EMA needs to freeze the content on the website next week – from Tuesday to Friday, inclusive. This means that there will be no new or updated content published on the website during these four days.

Updates will resume on Monday 20 November.

Content will remain available

All of the content on the current website will remain available, including its information on medicines. This means that all of the current website’s addresses (URLs) will work after the relaunch, such as links to pages, documents and images.

The website’s main address will stay the same (
Some URLs will change but redirects will be in place to ensure you can reach the content you need from any links, bookmarks or saved URLs from the current site. 

Improvements in 2024 and beyond

EMA plans to make further improvements to the website, such as to release new features, after the relaunch.

Expected updates for 2024 include an enhanced content subscription service and an improved site-wide search.

Get in touch 

For any questions about the relaunch of EMA’s corporate website, write to [email protected].

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